The Village Christian Academy is a family oriented, multi-age, one room schoolhouse private school that is situated in the town of
Harrisburg, NC.  Utilizing the Classical teaching philosophy, scholars are instructed according to their individual learning styles
and pace.  It closely resembles a large homeschooled family therefore, parents are encouraged and expected to be active
participants in their child's education.

The Village Christian Academy will grow to 15 multi-age scholars per class.  As in the tradition of a one room schoolhouse/ large
homeschool family, all students are taught by one teacher and an assistant. In this small group setting, scholars will receive
individualized instruction and learn, patience, cooperation, leadership, and social skills all of which leads to becoming a
self-directed learner!
What Is The Village Christian Academy?
Why Choose The Village Christian Academy
The smaller class size– There will be 15 scholars per class with a teacher and an assistant.
Individualized Self-Paced instruction-  Every scholar is different and there for has their own way of processing information.  At The
Village Christian Academy, each scholar is respected.  The curriculum is taught according to how the scholar learns.  Unique
needs are not left out and all students are challenged to go above and beyond.

Family centered- “Children are a heritage of the Lord, offspring a reward from Him.”  Our goal at The Village Christian Academy
(TVCA) is not only to provide a child-centered educational environment, but to also develop the relationship between parent and
scholar.  At TVCA we realize that parents are a child’s first teacher.  Consequently, we encourage parents to take an active role in
ALL activities especially homework.  Homeschool classes are also offered for homeschooling families
What Is The Application Process?
All applicants must submit their reports cards from previous academic year, any standardized tests from the previous year,
current shot record, a non-refundable $50 application fee, and a completed application.

Families are required to schedule an interview with The Village Christian Academy.  Once interview is conducted and all
application materials have been provided, families will be notified of regarding their child’s enrollment status. If accepted, an
assessment will be performed to establish educational goals and instructional strategies.
Who is Teaching My Child?
The Founder and Director of The Village Christian Academy is Helen Carr.  Mrs. Carr attended Wayne County Schools in Mt. Olive,
NC.  In high school, while taking a Child Care Services Class, Mrs. Carr was bitten by the bug of teaching.  She had the amazing
experience of teaching a struggling 4th grader how to read!  Upon receiving a teaching scholarship, Mrs. Carr attended UNC
Charlotte where she received a BS in Special Education.  After teaching six years in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, Mrs. Carr
began her family.  Homeschooling was the answer that matched her teaching philosophy:  “Every child can learn.  We just
need to know how to teach them.”  For the past 13 years Mrs. Carr has been teaching her children and helping other families
through homeschooling, tutoring, and now The Village Christian Academy.
Is Transportation Provided?
Will Lunch Be Provided?
All scholars are expected to bring their own lunch.  Two snacks are provided.
It is the responsibility of the parents to get their scholar to and from school
in a timely manner.
Will Textbooks Be Provided?
All textbooks will be used through parental curriculum fees.  They remain the
property of The Village Christian Academy.
Withdrawel Policy
Once a child is enrolled at The Village Christian Academy, parents are
responsible for at least two weeks tuition.  If scholar must withdraw,
parents are asked to give a two weeks notice.
What Will My Child Learn At The Village Christian Academy?
The Village Christian Academy follows the Classical Curriculum.  In this multi-age classroom, scholars all learn the same
history, concepts of grammar, and penmanship.  They are instructed variably according to age/ability in mathematics, science,
and memorization.  Adjustments are also made in the curriculum for scholar’s learning styles.  Not everyone responds to all
curriculum the same.  TVCA understands and respects this.  Therefore, if a scholar responds better with a different curriculum,
changes are made accordingly.  Scholars also take Writing Classes and Science Classes offered through other
homeschooling professionals.

200 Sims Parkway
Harrisburg, North Carolina 28075
We are just off of Highway 49 south
"Lo, children are an
heritage of the Lord"
Psalm 127:3
(704) 455-7196
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From You
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